Sunday, October 22, 2006

Michigan 20 Iowa 6 Festival of Linkage

Photo Courtesy: John T. Greilick / The Detroit News

Blog Poll Ballot and recap up tonight and tomorrow.

On with the Festival of Linkage!


Michigan is #2 in the latest standings.


Standard game recap. Standard awesome photo gallery. Please review the stats on this one. Five different receivers caught balls from Henne. Arrington caught 8. Breaston caught 7. Adrian, Steve. You table is waiting.

The Michigan Daily

Poached? Considering game time was the only part of the day were the sun shone, I'd have to say it was sunny-side up. (har har). The game notes have a good look at Boren stepping into the right guard spot when Riley went down. Nice piece on Carson Butler's move into the starting TE spot with Ecker and Massey out.

Free Press

The Freep Press called it smooth sailing. Um. No. If by smooth sailing you mean going headlong into a tempest, then perhaps we're on the same page. They do have a nice little write up on Henne though.

The game notes point out a single awesome fact: When Riley went down and Mitchell shifted to Right Tackle, True Freshman Justin Boren entered the game and played the rest of the way. He's the first true freshman to offensive lineman to play a down during Carr's tenure at Michigan. Quothe Mike Hart "Boren's one of our best run blockers."

BTW: Arrington's problems were addressed, to some extent, by Carr. He said they looked into it "investigated the facts" and thought they were B.S. so Adrian was put back out there. Hope this is a bit of a wake up call to these guys. Message: Keep you damn nose clean.

Best Quote so far was from Tate talking about the D-Line: "I thought we did an unbelievable job against them. It probably could have been a lot worse." You do an unbeliveable job and you still get sacked five times. Awesome.

Game Balls and a UFR type substance. And Photo Gallery.

Finally, just so you know, this WILL BE the toughest pat of our season.

Detroit News

You gotta have Hart. Miles and miles of Hart. You must also remain focussed, grasshopper.

Photo gallery.

Ann Arbor News

Truly the only paper that understood that this wasn't a cake walk. Pressure cooker was the exactly wording I would've used, and they did. Jim Cary gets a little ahead of himself. There's also a nice look from the Grand Rapids Press.

Must read: Kick ass story on Leon Hall.

Fox Sports

Standard AP article. A little instant analysis.


Standard AP article, however there is quite a bit of video attached. Pat Forde likes us. I'm not sure if that's good.

Game Day Final has a load of stuff on Michigan, Mike Hart, and video.


Standard AP Article. Stewart Mandel's blog gives us this:

"The absence of star WR Mario Manningham has been glaring in Michigan's past two games. Just like last week's 17-10 win at Penn State, the Wolverines didn't play badly at all against Iowa on Saturday, and just like last week, the lack of a big plays made for an ugly, closer-than-expected outcome. But once again, Michigan's front seven was phenomenal, holding the Hawkeyes to 41 yards rushing."

Chicago Tribune

Teddy Greenstein gives Hart some props.


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