Monday, October 23, 2006

Thumbin' Through Michigan Iowa

As usual, the lines to get into the stadium sabotaged my chances of witnessing the kickoff. Alternatively it could have been the beer I consumed and continued to consume until ten minutes prior to the scheduled starting time, but that's neither here nor there.

What is here is...

Thumbin' Through Michigan Iowa

We Now Join The First Quarter Already In Progress...

(Michigan Ball after Iowa Punt- ed)
Hrt lft for 5
Hrt std up for -1
Hn on scrmbl rt for 0

Pnt to 26

Pass lf for 6
Fr 1dn
Douglas for 20
Hold on iowa. Chtrs

(Large people moving around, disrupting my typing. Don't they know who I am. Oh wait, probably not. I don't even know who I am...)

And Im back
Te pass rt for 4
2 & 11
Inc rt hall on cov
Hall on cv. Bltz. Tate thrw before cut on psr

Brstn back
Long kick brstn tckld early

Iowa chrldrs r fat
Brng back msu.
No Fat Chicks!

Sittint next to 81 on Iowa parents. Have to b nice bc they r physically able to brk me in hlf. (Really, really nice people. However, they were very, very large as well. They laughed when I made a joke or two, but every joke was carefully calculated not to get my head smashed in. - ed)

Hrt lf sid for nthng
brstn rt on for 8
Hrt rt nthn

zltn dp punt to 6
Iowa rtns to 23

Iowas d looks good. 9 guys in box tho. Need to pass
ovr top. Thnk dbord is softning thm up.

iowa ball at 23

Tate escapes with life. bad tckling as he gans 4 rt.
Crbl ovr ran
Rb pass to sims, harris on tckl for one on lft sd
Wr cut pass rt trnt on cv for 1dn and 7 yrds. Good cv and pass
Rb up mid rt for 1
Trnt no cast
Pass lft for 1dn fmbld oobs. Bshit. shldve been inc.
Iowa slashes rt for 1dn
Iowa are fired up. In iowa section. (My seats border the Iowa guest section. Have to say, they are the nicest of the visiting fans so far this year. Not as hot at MSU, but much nicer. Friendliest damn people I've met at the stadium. -ed)
Inc tate to douglas. Hall on cv.
Wrscn for 0 on lft side.
Complt to chndlr at mrk for 1dn. Dammit!
Sack by jamison and branch. tate almost got out of it.
Ovr pursuit. 2&22. Frst gd prsr
TO iowa

Our chrldrs are in rl chrldr outfits for once.
who knw they hv legs?

Tate gets poped by crbl. Harrison rcvrs! Prsr works!
Snd more

Pass rt to arngtn for 1dn fghts for it. Wt. 2nd &1
Arrngtn ovr midl on crs for 10.
Hrt lft off tckl for 3
Hold on butler. Hrt gts 1dn. Frst and 17. 000 on clock
arrington ovr midl for 5

End of 1st

Strt 2nd

Empty bck fld. No one got open. Hne gts poped but gts
rid of ball
PI on pass midl to arngton. Obvious. 1dn
Hnne sacked by prsr up midl. Line got beat bad. Arngton open on post
TE pass to lft to butler. Got 12. 3&11
Henne looks like shit today. Sacked again. Not a lot of time to thrw. Mking bad reads.

Zltn in

Pnt dned at 9. Best contrld kick of yr for zltn

Iowa is frd up rt now. Henne lks lk crap. Cnt run cant pass. Little worried rt now. Still. Is just the 2nd qrtr. But still.

Woodley=huge. jst pssd by. dude is gigntic. Good lord

Iowa 1&10
Gash midl for 5
Taylor wraps up rb for loss
Pass bttd into air, chndlr bats it dn inc
Brstn bk

Fc on good pnt. 1dn on 43 mich

Iowa fans. Evrwhr.

Butler on TE pass to lft for 12
Hrt up mid lft for 8 nvr stops drgs three for extra 4
Hrt brks contn rt for 3. 1dn

Iowa guy hrt. 19 hrt, Shda hrt.Hurt rt ankl. Poor kid.

1dn mich
Rvrs to brstn. Wdlv worked if there werent 10 guys in box
Brstn on moving scrn for 7
Mthws fights for 1dn midl. Grt conscntrtn
Butler drps sr td te cross 10 yrs shrt of ez. Bd drp
Bltr mks up for it frst dwn crs on sm ply. Good chcing
Iowa shd blks well.
Hrt fire midl
Arrgnton jgles. Almst td. Shld be rvwd. Pass bttd
3&3 gl
Hnne to arrngtn. Bk ez. Oobs.
Rvs to kick
Prv Ply bng rv.
Dammit. Ply stnds.
Why is this tm playing so tuff?
Rvs true. Mich 3-0

Iowa is playing above their heads rt now.

Rvs to kick off

Pounded at 20.
1&10 @20
Brnch dstrys play. 1 yrd on rn lft
Rb scrn for 17. Dammit. Lrn the f-ing scrn pass!
Rn rt off tckl. Fr 2
FS on Iowa.
FS entire line announced by ref. So awesome.
528 left
Trnt mks stp on drw lft. Swt play. Loss of 2
Inc on bmb rt to douglas trnt w him strd fr strd. inc

Brtsn flds shnk for an extra 5. Mich at 39

Rn rt hrt. Fr 1
Brstn scrn lft for 4
Brstn on tuff ctch for excllnt 1dn. Hly crp. Legit route by brstn
Inc deep to brstn
73 on hld. Dmit
Hrt to lft for 4
Hrt dmp off middl for 7
Hnne ovr thrws arrngtn rt side inc
pnt zltn

Dnd @2
Up midl lft for 2. TO mich
Rn midl fr nthn
22 secons in half lft.
Pass. Tcl oos rt.

End hlf.
Iowa stcking box big time. Dont fear ovr the top. the
1 brstn dp rt db rn it btr thn brstn

End half
Mich has 7 yards rshin. 128 yrds passing. Iowa has
less thn 100 yrds total. 20 yrds rsh and 78 yrds in

Iowa woke up for this gm. D playing out of hds.

Start Second Half
Tabb & Minor bk on kckoff rtn
Minor dprs it at 3. Picks up gts to 5.

Nrt up midl fr 5
arngtn qk cross for 10.
Riley not in. Hurt.
Hrt out of bkfld on pass to lft. 7 yrds. Bnds ovr
hrt rt for 2
Clck prblm. Official to
73 @ rt tckl. 65 new rt grd.

Chrldrs now in sweats. Dammit!

FS by mich. Dammit. You jst hd a to! Butler fcks up agn.
Mthws to 30.
1dn. Mthwes goes lft rt on lng crs for shrt gn
Riley gts beat. Henne strpd. Riley rcvrs at 18.
Pass batted at ln of scrmg.
Bad pass ovr midl int by henne. Frcd bad thr and got
picked off. O looks bad

Iowa ball

Complt ovr rt mid for 9.
Rb up midl for 1dn
To fr msrmnt.
Wrng. 3dn
woodley frcs int by tate on pass call. 4 dn
Fg good.

Mich needs to wake up.


Jeebus. Gtn a ltl scrd here.

Brstn and tabb. No minor
Brstn on awsm rt for lft sd cts back midl at 40 gets
to iowa 35
Hrt brks contn on rn lft. Hld on arngtn. Dammit. 1&11.
Hn almst gts picked agn. Stp throwing it low ovr th fcking middl chd. Its like he cant see th lb today
Hrt fts for 6 to lft.
Brstn comp rt to lft for one dn on cross midl shrt comp
Hrt on misdirct lft cuts mid rt for 4. Shdlv kpt going lft
Hrt rns rt fr nothn. Keeps slamming on brks. Need to go strt ahead.
Arrngtn over midl on rt mid shrt crs for 1dn. @ 9

TD! Hrt powers ovr midl lft for td. 4 yrds aftr 1 contct.
So awesome.
Rvs fr pa

10-3 mich.

Iowa not respecting dp ball with zn. Playing off 6
yrds bt lots of help ovr top. Tuff d to play.

Grt kick rtn to 21
Rn to lft midl for 3.
Woodley getting into it w iowa ln
Awsm pass on timing rt to rt for 1dn. Mich brt house.
Too much time. Tate to douglas on long cross for 25 yrds.
Rb rn to lft fr 7 yrdrs
Gd prsr. Frcd tate to thr erly. Trnt on cv
Wide open ovr the midl for a 1dn at th f-ing 11
Rn crshed on lft.
TO iowa.

Jeezzus. Wtf is up w our pass cvrg? Secndry is giving
up big yrds on 3rd dns. Bad sign.

Pass comp on scrmbl for 4. Cls to td. On lft d gng
Pass dflctd for inc. Bnd dnt brk. Whw. bad pass rt.

Fg try good by bad guys.


Brstn and tabb back on kick off

Shnk kick to 31 yrd ln of mich. Weird. Almost planned.

Sdline warning on mich.

1&10 @ 31

Hrt rns rt midl to lft for 10
1dn mich
Hrt rns mid rt agn for 9
Hrt rns lft cuts qk rt for anthr 8. 1dn
Grdy in
Brstn gts 4 onlft side shrt comp
Arrngtn to rt sd to arrngtn for ten on rt side cut to

End 3rd qrtr.

Strt 4th

Mich 1dn @ 28
Hrt jukes rt to mid for 4
Hrt to lft on lng drw for 3
Hrt up midl lft fr 1
Rvs fg try
Rvs puts it thru.
13-6 mich

Game plan seems flawed. Not sure what the hell is
going on

110923 at game today.

Rvs kickoff. Tb! Iowa at 20

Finally! A sack by woodley! 2&1f
Tate scrmbls rt for a loss of 4
Frcd out by crbl
Inc to rt side dp. 4&19

Brstn bk dp
Iowa to

Iowa chlnging prv ply. Huh? Can they challenge it?
Ball popped out by grnd.


Brstn dp

Bad kick but takes iowa bounce to 41

1&10 mich
Hrt stutter stps midl for 2
4 wide. Arrington comp for close to 1dn
4 wide.
Bad play call. Inc ovr midl to arrngtn. henne under bad prsr from rt side of line. Iowa ovrlding that side.

Zltn pnts to 9. Downd there. No rtn

1&10 iowa @9
Fade to lft side on trnt oob and good cvrg.
Rb scrn. No yrds. Finally a good scrn red by d
Trnt locks up douglas. 4th down. Good cov

Brstn deep.

Fc at 43 of iowa.

Pas comp on rt sid to mathws for 3
Hrt powrs for 5 on lft side
Hrt fumbls ball. Rn to lft midl.
Ply bng rvd.

Nrvs. Lng rvw.

No fumbl! Hrt was down!

Ferentz is pissed! Looks like hes gonna have an anurism.
Challnging the spot.

Lngest rvw in histry. Sheesh!

1st dn aftr all

Iowa fans thring stff.

Hrt rns lft for -1.
Brst on nic adjst to rt sd pass. 1dn just othr sd of mrkr
Hrt mis direct rt fr 4. Line strting to gt psh
Hrt rns lft cts midl aftr hash mrks for extra 5
1dn @ 11
Hart horse collared at 10. Literally.
Hrt up midl on ply to rt whr line blows iowa away. Rns rt midl untouchd for TD.
Rvs good
20-6 mich

Rvs kickoff
TB again!
Iowa 1&10 at 20
Tate scrmbls for 20. Mks nervs for smith.
Mich puruit snuffs out rn to lft. Burgess.
Pass complt to chndlr for 12 to lft.

Pass into trfc on rt side. Harrison on ok covrg.
Pass comp to chandle at rt oobs mrkr. 1dn
Tate scmbls for frdom throws for 9 to lft side. 1dn
Tate stps up trys to avoid rush. Woodley brings him dn
Tate on qk thrw to rt for 3
Inc low rt hall on cv
Inc on almist inc by englmon.

Mich ball.
Hnne takes knee. TO iowa.
Hnne dn agn
Gm ovr


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