Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thumbin' Through Michigan v. Michigan State


On Time For Once... Game on

MSU qk pnt

Breaston rcv @ 40.
3 wd
Hrt lt for 10
Hrt lft for -1
2nd dn
Hne rt to brdt for 5
Offsd 99 d
Brst lft fr 1dn. Wr scn
Hrt lft cut bk rt. Ded play for 5.
Hrt lft for 1d
OS msu.
1dn & 5
Hrt to 7 mid.
Hrt mid lft for 1 dn @ 3
Hrt left for td. Hold wipes out td. 1dn & 13
Fmbl on hnd off
1 10 msu
undr rvw
Ws it tuck rule?
rld inc bitches!
TD back rt ez for 6 to arrington! Awsomeness!
rvs good

Rvs to kick off
Rvs kick off? Wht wrong with ryan?
Msu @ 20
Run rt hrsclrd for 2
Pass lft for 1 dn to trnnon for 1dn nice pass
Rn mid for 4
Stntn for 1 dn. Brk contn
Wrsc inc.
2nd 10
Inc to tckl? Wtf? 3 dn
Brnch & crbl on sack.
Brst dp. Touch back

Lets go soccr moms! Good god wear somthing sexy!

Msu chrldrs so hot. can cnt abs on stmchs frm our seats. imprsv.

1 & 10 Mich lets go tgrs erupts frm stdm. 3grs up 3

FS mich. 1 & 15
Hrt mid for 6
Mk hrt scrn for 1 dn. Awsm
Grdy tip toes for 1
Mnghm esy drp.
Brst on crs wr scn lft to rt. Shks tckl for 1 dn
Mk hrt cls TO
Hne undr thrwn to arrgntn. Hd db bt lft
Manham for 3 &3 dn rt wr scn
Hrt midl for 0. 4 dn

Zltn for hiesman. pnts bll to cambodia.

MSU fc @ 5 yrd ln

Zltns pnts scrp moon. Mks clouds cry.

Msu mid lft for 7. Hes lrg
Msu mid lft for 0
3 & 3
Stpd for loss by mndy and brgs

Brstn dp

end of 1 qrt

Strt 2dn qrtr

Out pnt cvrg for brst to rtn to 46 of mich

Huge hole midlft fr hrt fr 11
1 dn
Hrt lft fr 2
New math bitches! Rt in frnt of me.
Manham off fk inside thn right blws past cb bts sfty for td. So sweet.
Rvs gd
No words shldv snt a poet.
Mich 14 msu 0

Kck off rvs to 5. Rtn to 25

Ply fk lft comp to rt to scott for 15
Zn cvrg
Stnt to mid to trnrn for 1dn
3 stp drps
Rn lft to lft for 6. 2 & 4
Hall almost picks one. 3 dn
Rl out rt. Pass cmplt to williams for 1dn rr sd
FS MSU for 5
1 & 15
Rl lft inc to trnon. Hldng on Msu. 1&25
3 wd
Hall swt open fld tckl. Gn 2
Inc ovr trnt. Shldve been 6. Trnt misrd. Bad bad bad.
4 dn to lft. Comp pass in sft zn.
Fg attmp. Missd lft.
No soup for you!

Um takes ovr @ 20

Offsds msu. 1 & 5
Hrt mid rt fr 6
hrt rt for 15-20
1 dn
Hrt md rt fr 2
Minor mid rt for 1
3 & 7
Brstn cross rt to lft fr 1 dn just past mrkrs.
Hrt rt for 3. Flg. Facemsk. 5 yrd incidental.
Hrt squirts for 3 whb he had 0
Grdy mid lft for 1.
Grdy has regressed bad
Grdy gets trpd up in bck fld.
Rvs fld gl try. Gooooood. Off sds msu. Play stnds.
Wrng. Prsnl foul!!!! Hlf dist to gl. 1 dn!

Hrt bk in
Hrt rt mid for 3
Hrt lft for 1

TO Mich.
Inc lft to man ham. Rvs fg attmp. Im scrd. Blckd but

Kckoff rvs
Msu rtn to 30. Yuck cvrg

3 wd
Frst dn pass rt to reed on ply fk by trnt
Grt rn d. Msu lft on 3 & 1. 1 dn
Wrscn. Crable on sweet stp. Only 2 yrds on wr scn
Stntn inc to scott. Englm on cvrg.
Inc agn to rt! Pass deflected at line by rush.

Brstn dp. Fc at 9 yrd line.

1dn & 9
Hrt for 3 mid rt.
Hne dnws it

end of hlf.

Strt 2nd hlf

Hrt rt for 5
Hrt mid for 15
Hne on rl out lt manham ovr thrn. Nic play. Frst bd
thr out of hne
Carl tabb sighting. Boooo.
3 dn
Bad thr henne to manham.two bad thrws. Bailed out by
pers foul on lt hit.
1 dn.
Gradys best run mid rt for 6 no hes
Grdy lft for 3 ct bk for 4 more. He lks good all of a
Man ham middl TD. Ball tippppped by cov rt into his
hands. TD. Msu playd bad but got tip for highlites.
Henne a little behind on throw. Not sharp today. An
inch or two behind today. Not sure whts wrng.
Rvs gd

Rvs kck off rt side. Exclnt. At 25

Crable wraps up msu rb mid lft no gn.
Inc rt mid. Hall on cv. Gd cv.
Ply fk, lng comp ovr adams to 22
1 dn
Brnch eats msu rb up middl w/burges

Brk due to phn call.

Rn rt met fr no gn
4 dn
Wnt for it. Option rt stuffd. Fs offns bf snap. 4 dn
TO mich.
Pass comp lft to bad guys. Flg. Blwn cv. Off sides
dclnd. Lkd like trnt.
Lft mid run for 7
Gang tckld lft for loss by whole team, and ultimatly
Stanton carries whn no one open up rt mid for 4.
Run rt mid. Turned back by hrs and adams
2&2 gl
Rt mid run. Fmbl csd by adams on 1
3 dn on 1
TO msu

Msu chrldrs are hot

MSU TD up middle.

Brstn rtrns kckoff to 40. Flg. Hld on us. 1dn from 22
Hrt rt for 11
Hrt drgd down going right side. Hrt limping off.
Grdy in
Grady right mid. Explosive!!!!!! blew threw line like
sneeze thrw kleenez. 20 yrd gain.
Grdy right mid for 1
Grdy agn. Lft midl. Rn for 9.
1 dn
Minor in
Holy shit biatch!!!!!!!
Minor rips a right left cut back run for a 40 yrd TD.
Arrington had a fcking awsm block!
Best run Out of a non- hart back this year

MSU pass inc left
No time
Dump pass scrn for 7 in mid

End of 3 qrt

Comp pass to rt. Long gn.
Pass mid for 5
Penis in student section. Awsm
Giant penis evrwhr
MSU bowl ahd for 1dn mid
Good covrg. Inc ovr mid. Bad pass bt iff good rcvr
Hall on singl cov. Bump. Excellence
Inc to rt. Good pass bad catch.4&10.
Jamar adams on the inc. Midl rt. Pass was bad.mich
ball @ 3.

Grdy lft mid nthn
Grdy gts tatooed mid rt. Bad blocking
Grady to 5 yrd line.
Pnt. Rffing kcker. 5 yrd.

Zltn booms it. Dear god. His leg is the new U.S. first strike weapon

Trnon left for 40
Trnon rt. Rolls ankl. Fuck hes hurt. Poor kid. I know
exactly wht hes going thru. (Trannon was carted off after rolling his ankle. I was sitting by his family. They were on the phone with the doctors but didn't have any information at game time. No word yet on his condition that I've found.-ed)

Stanton to 1 yrd line on delayed sneak

Nothn on rb up midl.
Burgess in the back fld stuffs msu. Like he was in on
thw play.
Stanton in on delayed run. Td bad guys.
Play under review. Knee down early? Vid rv says TD.
Msu to go for 2
Qb draw stuffed by harrison.

Hall recvrs onsides kick. Mich 1 dn

Grady right for 3
Greg mathews siting. For 6
Minor stopped in backfld. No gn.
Zltn into nzone

1 & 10 msu at 20

Stanton runs like gerbil for 9
Hall picks stanton on shitty wrsrn.

So sweet. Review. Play stands as called. Sweetness

Jerome jackson. 8th floor crew in the house measly penny
C brown in.
State fans pissed @ me.
think Im asshole, raised wrong.
I rmind thm I graduated from Michigan. my flks did smthng rt. (ed note - this was not Trannon's family. They were very very cool. This is the soccer mom sitting next to me.)
Bad pass. Inc rt side.

4 dn
Game ovr


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

This is like the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from mgoblog's UFR, and yet I love it just as much.

Zltns pnts scrp moon. Mks clouds cry.

Classic. Keep this up!

At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Windycity said...

"Msu chrldrs so hot. can cnt abs on stmchs frm our seats. imprsv."

Thanks for the reminder :-)


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