Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thumbin' Through Michigan v. PSU

Even though I didn't make the trip to Happy Valley, I thought I'd do my usual thumb notes on the game from my couch. Sadly, I was far more nervous for this game than any other this season, and it is readily apparent in reading the notes below. If you're like me, you've got a little ritual for every game. Same shirt. Same beer. Same spot on the couch.

On Saturday the rituals were a little off. Beer was gotten late. Lucky shirt was missing. Had to get ready for friends coming over to watch the game. But, the beer cooled, I found the shirt, and Michigan went on to win. I, in turn, went on to drink until 1. Good times.

I will warm my more sensitive readers that I swear A LOT more in this particular Thumbin' Through that ever before. Perhaps it was the ample supply of beer. Perhaps it was the disturbance of my game day rituals. Perhaps it was the testy (heh heh) nature of the game. regardless of what it was, be aware the f-bomb is dropped with impunity and regularity. Be aware of this.

(Children, you probably shouldn't be reading this. Leave this fould place. Click here (kids only) for Dora the Explorer. You like Dora don't you?)

Adults and foul minded teenagers, enjoy...

Thumbin' Through Michigan v. PSU

UM/PSU in the comfort of my living room. football, beer and a couch.
Life is good.

Mussssssssberger. A voice like the smoooove sound of Billy D Williams sellin Colt45

UM defers.
To kick off

Rvs kick off
Broken kick coverage.
Psu to 50
Hunt mid rt for 5
Morrelii off on bad pass lft
delayed blitz morelli dump pass ovr midl whr blitz came from fr 1dn
Mundy out gtting trtmnt on nk.
Gd prssr. Complt for 3 to hnt
Hnt brrows for 3 in mdl
Cvrg suck tonight. Inc lft. Norwood drops it at chains.
4 dn
Fg try wiiiiiiiiiiiiide lft.

Mich ball!

Hrt lft buried for lss of 1
hnne chgs ply. Fs on 83.
2nd and 15
Nkd btlg rt to 85 butler for 6
Hnne to massey for first, grt protection on te cross
Crn bltz, pass off arms of crn inc
Hrt midl for 3 bt FS on butler.
2nd & 15
Scrn rt to hrt for abt 10. Hrt brks bnch of tckls
Shrt pass to butler right shrt of mrk.
Zltn to pnt
Line drv pnt to abt 20. Crppy kick. Good coverage. No return

Hll gd stp on shrt pass
Inc to rt

Brstn bck
Pnt rtnable.
Dumass spns around and got nthn. 54 yrd line drv and brstn does nthn at 19

Hrt rt for nthn
Henne hit from behnd as he passes. Inc. Fb had to blck lb
3 & 10
Lots of pressure. Hnne rns for six
Good decsn
4 dn
Zltn pnts it. Shit kick
40 nks ball loose again!

Noise is bad.
Hrt trped up as he crosses lin
1 yrd
Hrt up midl for 4.
Inc rt lng to arrngtn
Pnt to 16

Hnt rt for nthn. Flg. Hld on psu hlf to gl 1 dn
Hnt on scrn rt gets bck to orig 1 dn line
2nd dwn
Hnt lft mdl for 1
Pass comp rt sid jst shrt of line
Abt an inch
Psu to kick

Brstn nailed on grt kick

Grt brstn catch! Lft side bullet!
1 dn
PSU in bckfld on every play
Hrt lft midl for 1
Greg matthews for 7 rt. ineliglbe rcvr. 2dn& 14
TO mich
Arrngtn on cross! 1dn! shks like a maraca for a first
Brstn wrscrn for lft 1dn
Henne rt side deep to brstn inc. No pass intfrnce caal bt shldve been
Butler TE roll out for 7. Rt
Hrt mid lft bhnd mitchell and long for 1dn
Fade to breaston lft ovr thrown gd cvrg
Henne sails in ovr opn brst on rt
Pass to arrington up midl for 30yrd TD! Fucking sweet!
arrngtn burn crnr and safty. pass btwn crnr and safty
The perfect pass frm henne. Laser beam to arrngtn

Kick off rvs.
Rtn to 20
Morelli to williams on rt for 1st
Hnt for 3 to lft midl

More crap on henne verbal to psu. Might as well add on kennedy assination, area 54, the gulf war, 2 seconds and everyother psu conspiracy. Jeeebus!

Taylor sacks morelli. So fat yet so fast. 9 yrd loss
Woodley crushes morelli on sack. Flg for hld. Haha! Cheating doesn't help u
Woodley tries to powr slam qb.
Brstn back. Fc @ 50.

Hrt lft mid huge hole for 7
Hrt midl for 2
Hrt lft midl for 1dn
arrngtn midl for lng 1dn. Laser agn
Hrt midl lft for 4
Deflection pass. Inc bad pass. Wldv been picked
3 dn
In and out of massey's hnds bck of endzn. Masseys gotta ctch that.
Rvs try
Rvs good! He gets sloppy kiss. Dnt ht him anymr.

Rvs to kck to 3
Mich on grt cvrg dn at 15

Woodley crushes morelli! nvr put rb on woodley he will eat your rb, the ply & yr soul!
Rn nwhr
dp pass lft. inc. Pass infrnc? Bullsht uncatch!
1dn bd gys
Pass lft for wrscn for 5
Hnt lft for 1dn 6 yrs
Hnt mid rt to 6
Biggs with anthr sack!

space bitches space rtns! Grtst commercial evr

Game resumes

Rb scrn for 30. Brnch only one to read it. Evrone else bought it.

Inc rt to norwood. Morelli rollout rt
Drped rt by te. Mndy on cv
1dn ovr midl! Mndy agn. Dammit
Soft cov ovr middl by mich. Pissing me off.
TO mich
English is pissssssed!!!!! Yelling at d. Can see veins in frhd.
hnt gts nthng mid lft
Anthr pass for 1dn
Why the fuck are we 5 yrds off?
Hnt nwhr up mid.
TO psu
Joe pa looks like a nome
Trnt on cv in back lft end zn
englmn brks up pass lft @ gl ln
Fg try
Good. 10-3

Good ply calling by psu to brk the d. Bad pass cov.

Hrsshit call on pi gives psu 3.

15 secs. Sqib.

End Frst half.
Fcking nrvs

PSU's ad is the worst ad ever. Come to PSU, listen to lesbian rock, stalk girls in gym, asians in lab of some sort, aaaaaand Joe Pa! What the fuck are they thinking?

Crg james looks like grg bush

Start Second Half

Kck off brst, jst shrt of 20

-10 yrd rsh in 1st by hlf psu
Um. Wow.

Hrt for 2-3 mid lft
Hrt for 5 mid lft riley crshes blck to get hrt extra yrd
Qb sneek
Hrt lft midl. Hldng on mich
1& 15
Ovrthr midl to TE.
T0 mich.

Spilled beer evrywhr (at this point I was filling my plate with pizza while trying to type on my little key pad and mock a friend of mine. The result was spilling a perfectly good beer on new carpeting. My wife was not pleased. Cleaning up my mess took the remainder of this series. -ed)

Pnt zltn

Hnt nwhr loss 1
Sack jamison! 9 yrd loss
Soft zone completion. fuck!
Morelli gets destroyed by brnch.
Brnch just kills morelli drvs him into turf. ribs hrt jst wtching
Msbrgr being moron. Says lt ht, hlmt2hlmt. Davie & herb tl msbrgr hes a idiot.

Davie-ism usd in convrsatn "mid-momentum"

Morelli out clark in

Burgess kills end around
Qb drw midl nthn
Williams blows catch on rt side

Morelli looks like death with a big nose

Pnt goes to 31 oobs

Mich ball

Hrt for -1 midl
Henne midl to arrington for 6
Just off the hands of arringtn up midl. Prssr on hnne

Zlt pnt

Fc 21 yrd line

They are just ragging on herstriet. Davie fr sm resn is really fny tnite.

Sack by crable. Prsnl fl on mich for late hit. Dammmmit! Games not in hand yet
Taylor's a retard
Hall smashes wr on comp to rt.
2nd & 6
Sackish kind of thing. Inc by psu. Branch trying to kill agn
Biggs kills anthr qb. Sack!

7th sack of nite

Fc at 41

Henne rns out of sack for 2 yrds.
Psu gtting lots of prsr
Hrt middl for 4
Arrington diving catch lft for 1 dn!!
Henne pass midl off ply fk deflectd for 0 had butler opn
Henne find brst on awsm pass rt undr massv prssr. Thrws laseer off
back ft. Breastn shks for 1st
Hrt battles way for 20 yrds to 1 yrd line. God he's good!
Hrt untouched on rt for TD. Friggin sweet. Rvs good.


psu rtn to 30

End 3rd

Hnt lft for 5
Concussion for morelli
Brnch godzillad morelli
Poor kid
Hnt rn midl for 0
Pass rt. Inc. Flg. PI on psu. Trnt on gd cvrg
Pnt psu
Brstn dp

31 yrd ln
Hrt midl for nada
Hrt lft midl, bncs rt for 3
Brstn on shrt slnt lft trns 4 into 10
Brstn agn for 10
Loefler is best coach evr for qbs acrding to henne's hs coach. PA dude
tlling national audience tht. So friggin awsm.
Hrt lft for 2
First rl bad pass bhnd brstn
Plnty of time cvrg sack.
Florida losing to auburn

Ryan pnting
Into endzone.
Sfl pass midl.
Bc of 7 sack - 26
Williams beat trnt of lft side for first
Hnt middl. Nowhr
Clark gets killd too on qb scrmbl. He looks hurt. Slammed by woodley.
Anthr psu qb killd
Pass almost int by crbl
Psu to pnt

Psu chicks r ugly

Hrt to lft for 3

Florida lost! Orson out on ledge.

Grdy in strstp for 0. Grdy tntativ
Hnne slids down for 4
4 dn
Zltn bms it.
Psu to 40
Mndy on stp. Hnt for 5 lft
Hall mks stp shrt of 1dn lft sd
3rd 1
Hnt on a scrn pass for TD. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad tackling
Sooooo pisssed
Scrn pass. Yards aftr mndy.

Hunt outrns whl fcking d
So mad
Fcking d jst took a shit on fld

Mich on 20
Hrt rt for loss of 1
Psu TO
Hrt runs for 1f bhnd lng. Rns ovr 7.
Hrt jst rns midl lft for 5
Ovr 100
2nd &5
Hrt stpd by poslusny fr 0
Psu last TO
Rt in brstns hnds and he dps it. Rt in his fking hnds. Fking brstn
Ryan to kick
Chrls stwrt on awesome tckl at 21.

Adams blws easy pick midl
Pass in bnds to rt 6
Hall almst picks dp pass. Cls
Gm ovr.

No need for nrvs like that. Dammit

Too close for comfort, but only blown scrn pass made game cls.

fnl thought: Hall = awesome


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