Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heath Shuler. Quarterback. Volunteer. Congressman. Endless Punchline.

Oh happy day.

Former Tennessee Volunteer, Washington Redskin, New Orleans Saint, and Oakland Raider Quarterback Heath Shuler was elected Congressman of North Carolina's 11th District yesterday.


Though losses in close games is what we've all come to expect from Heath, he pulled out a victory in a tightly contested Congressional Race. Shuler won the 11th with 54% of the vote, which, appropriately, is also his career passer rating in the NFL. In taking the 11th District seat, Heath ousted 8 term Congressman Charles Taylor. Such a victory is normally cause celebre, however, please remember this is Heath we're talking about. Last time he ousted a starter he didn't last a full term. Washington sent him packing after two years as the man in charge. Here's hoping Heath can buck that trend as well.

Heath's victory also robbed local and national media of several great headlines such as "Shuler's House Bid Sacked", "Shuler's Pass at Office Falls Incomplete", "Shuler Fumbles House Race Away", "Shuler, Too Slow to React, Hit By Voters" and so on...

Media friends, do not worry. There is more than enough funny stuff to go around. Heath's congressional campaign website focuses on "Leadership on the Field and in the Classroom." Please enjoy a healthy slice of that irony pie. In games Shuler played in, starter or not, his NFL teams are 3-14. As for the Classroom, Shuler left school a year early to enter the NFL draft without finishing his degree. (Although he did complete it several years later).

Heath now returns to the city that couldn't wait to get rid of him. Here's hoping his efforts as the singal caller for North Carolina's 11th district don't end up helping the bad guys like so many of his passes did.

For more fun check out the fine work done by the people at Stop Shuler, who due to Heath's victory are closing up shop.


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shuler's record will certainly be better than that asshole Charles Taylor. 29 Dem pick-ups and counting, baby.


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