Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Friggin Christmas in November

Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night

The night before friggin Christmas I tell you. Christmas.

NCAA Football Has A Blog

Dex over at Every Game Counts, the NCAA's official football blog, invited me to do a preview on the game. I'll post it up here a little later, but for the time being it can be found here. the rebuttal was provided by Buckeye Commentary. Thoughtful analysis versus OMG LLLLLOYD. Enjoy. Also be sure to check out the Charles Woodson Heisman highlights and Jim Harbaugh's guest piece on NCAA football and performing in the classroom.

ESPN has thoughtful Analysis

Scout and ESPN has a great breakdown of the game up on their mainpage. While I think they underate own DB's a tad, they are for the most part dead-on regarding the matchups. Great read.

FOX Does and Does Not

Don't read this. This is the headline: "Michigan-Ohio State worth all the buzz?"

Someone at Fox does work however, and put together a brief but to the point prediction on the game. They've also got an interesting key matchups page that I don't agree with.


Please read MGoBlog's Vicious Electronic Quesitoning with the O-Zone's Tom Orr. A lot of it sounds awful familiar....

Has Anyone Else Noticed?

LaMarr Woodley looks like Jay-Z


In rebuttal to the "Michigan can't stop our unstopable, can't be stopped, non-stopping... um... Quarterback guy" that's been thrown around the 'ole blogosphere and, surprisingly, in the print media, does anyone remember the Michigan Notre Dame game?

Replace "Quinn" with "Smith" in the "______ for Heisman" banner and you've got the same story. Michigan wasn't supposed to be able to cover Samarjawhatever or McKnight. Michigan wasn't supposed to be able to touch Quinn behind a senior heavy, two pre-season All-American candidates offensive line. Well. They did. A lot.

I realize Brady Quinn and Troy Smith are not the same type of QBs, but the surrounding circumstances are very similar. Let's to a check down on the hype prior to the games:

1) Great Offensive line will give Michigan's D trouble [check];
2) No way they can cover ND/OSU's receivers [double check];
3) _____ is the Heisman trophy favorite [duh...];
4) It's at home and the crowd will make it impossible on Michigan [check, but valid];
5) Unheralded running back does all the little things right and can burn you if your not careful [yup, check];
6) Robot Genius Coach [check]; and
7) LLLLLLLLLLLoyd will wet himself at some point due to _____ at QB's awesomeness [check].

What does it mean? Probably nothing. But Michigan's been told what it can't do before. It's players have shown time and time again this season it's not a good idea to discount them so readily.


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