Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maize n Ballot Week 11

It's Election Day! Here's my Ballot!

1Ohio State--
4California 1
5Texas 1
6Southern Cal 1
7Auburn 1
8Florida 1
9Notre Dame 2
10Arkansas 2
11Wisconsin 3
12West Virginia 2
13Wake Forest 10
14Rutgers 4
16Oklahoma 1
17Maryland 9
18Georgia Tech 2
19Tennessee 15
20Boise State 1
22Virginia Tech--
23Boston College 10
24Texas A&M 4
25Hawaii 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#24), Missouri (#25).

1. Ohio State and Michigan both almost get caught looking ahead. Michigan because Lloyd put in the scrubs waaay too early on senior day. Ohio State because McSweatervest hid the Buckeye Offense's car keys after the first half. In the grand scheme of things neither game matters much other than the victory. But I did get taught a valuable lesson regarding judging a team based on a single game rather than a team's body of work.

2. I was right about Louisville.

3. I still think Rutgers is going to get plowed by Louisville on Thursday. But, up to this point the Knights are undefeated and get the Cards at home. I've been critical of their schedule and performances to date, but victories over ACC and Big Ten dregs UNC and Illinois are still victories. And those wins have Rutgers at 8-0. For now, they get a boost to 14 in anticipation of the biggest college football game in New Jersey history. To welcome Rutgers into the top 15, here's a photo of Rutgers' traditional mascot, Uncle Vinny's Trans Am. Rutgers has the chance to prove me and all the nay-sayers wrong Thursday.

Ow U Do-in, Rutgers?

4. Especially the jackasses that have Boise State ranked 14 and 13 (and ahead of Rutgers) in the Polls! I can't stand crap like this. Boise State, blue turf and all, has played NO ONE. Yes they're putting up pinball machine type numbers, but so it friggin Hawaii. This is at best a 7-4, 7-5 team in a major conference. Down to 20 with you.

4. I never had West Virginia ranked that high to begin with, so they pretty much stay put. But I have to say Pat White kicks ass. He is a special, special athlete, and I have a burgeoning man-crush on him. I didn't expect that much out of WVU, and they proved me wrong. They're a good team, and if Slaton/anyone could've held onto the ball they'd be an undefeated one. WVU earned some points in defeat, at least in my eyes. As for dropping them to the bottom of the 1-loss pile, the only team above them I think they beat on a neutral field is Notre Dame. But the Domers beat everyone else beneath them and I don't see WVU beating the Hogs or the Badgers. Its a juggling match.

You, sir, are a badass.

5. Wake Forest! Recognize bitches! No. 1 in the ACC! They move to lucky number 13 as the worst of the once beatens. Is it going to last? Probably not. But for at least one more week they should remain atop the ACC standings. That does mean I'm penciling them in for a win over FSU. Man, does that mean they're that good or FSU is that bad. Both actually. Their last three games are FSU, Virginia Tech and Maryland. They'll drop either the Maryland or VaTech game, but either way a win over Maryland puts them in the ACC Championship game. How many of you thought you'd read that sentence, ever.

6. LSU. You won. You're where you should be with two losses.

7. Maryland and the Fridge, so hot right now. Despite coming unglued early in the year to West Virginia, Maryland's pulled itself together and gone on a tear. They're not blowing people away, but they're winning close games every week. Somehow the Terps have the ball in their hands when they need it. This has to be the Fridge's best coaching job to date. New Hotness status boosts you to 17.

Fear Me.

8. Tennessee. Ugh. You can't lose games like that and get respect. Four friggin turnovers by the other side and you lose. To the middle of the twice beaten pack with you.

9. Boston College, perhaps dropping you to 23 is unfair, but then so is life. Nice team. Cute stadium. Not quite prime time..... Yet.

10. Hawaii gets a big "Aloha!" from Maize n Brew. Whether they're coming or going is up to them. Either way, hopefully they brought a bunch of those macadamia nuts covered in chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

This gets you ranked 25th.


At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Blues, from coast to coast!!!!!!!!!

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oregon State (an opponent that Boise State destroyed) is better than both Illinois or UNC...and BSU destroyed them. So why is it so dumb to have them ahead of Rutgers? I don't think there's a huge difference and suspect the teams would play a good game.


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