Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maize n Ballot Week 13: A Slate of Nothing But Sorrow

The Game is over. My side lost. Not too thrilled about it, but I'm dealing. Ohio State proved itself to be the best team in the land that has Troy Smith. Any other quarterback under center, Michigan wins that game. But for now, I salute you Mr. Smith, please take your throphies and leave for the NFL already.

Beneath The Game there were other contests that had winners and losers. Now is the time I pass harsh judgement on them.

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal 1
3Michigan 1
6Notre Dame 1
7Wisconsin 1
8Louisville 11
9West Virginia--
10Texas 5
13Rutgers 7
14Georgia Tech 3
15Auburn 3
16Boise State 2
17Boston College 4
18Virginia Tech 2
19Wake Forest 9
20Brigham Young 3
21California 5
22Tennessee 2
23Nebraska 1
24Clemson 2
25Penn State 1

Dropped Out: Maryland (#13), Oregon (#25).

1. USC and Michigan - I had USC ranked ahead of Michigan all year until they stumbled against OSU, Oregon State University that is. [Insert Beaver/Pull-out Joke Here]. Now the worm has shown its fangs and USC moves back ahead of Michigan. Had USC gone undefeated and Michigan remained undefeated the two would've met in the National Championship game. USC can still get there. Michigan really can't. Edge, USC.

2. Louisville's jump is actually the result of my screw up last week. I somehow managed to rank them 10 spots lower than WVU, whom they beat. A public flogging on this subject can be found at MGoBlog. Louisville is now where they should be. I will say I have serious doubts they're "better" than WVU right now. Still. A win's a win. When WVU beats Rutgers (it's gonna happen Knights fans, you've gotta admit that after the debacle against Cinci) Louisville wins the Big East Championship by virtue of their win over WVU.

3. Texas - Texas than everyone below them now that McCoy's back. Best two loss team in the country. Which is sort of like being the prettiest girl at a Mole and Unibrow convention.

4. Rutgers - Had you high, you broke-a my heart. I put up a picture of a friggin' crow for you and this is how you repay me? A loss to Cincinnati? CINCINNATI!!! You're dead to me.

5. G-Tech and Auburn - You didn't lose. Yea! move up three spaces.

6. Boise State - Please go away.

7. BC - Impressive win over a good Maryland team. Beat down is more like it. Wow. I guess you are good enough to play in the Maryland public league after all. Even so, impressive wins in the ACC this year unfortunately don't count for much.

8. Virginia Tech and Wake - Yeah. Pretty much the same as above. Tech, you finally got your act together. Wake, you're kinda coming back down to earth. But hey, no one can sneeze at 9 wins. No one. Props.

9. Cal - No, really. It looks good. That mushroom tattoo Pete Carroll branded into your forehead is really cool. The chicks'll dig it.

10. Everything else - a sorry pathetic mess....


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Dave, I'm failing to see why it is USC has proven itself a better team than Michigan. Michigan's resume is better (not to mention the team as a whole).

I mean, other than your very obvious desire to condone a rematch, how can you justify the top 3?

Can you make an honest case for ranking USC ahead of Michigan other than "because Michigan lost more recently?"

At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, look at the silver lining. Notre Dame might get a chance at revenge in the Rose Bowl.



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