Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Maize n Ballot Week 9

Elections draw nigh, so don't forget to vote...

Maize n Ballot

1Ohio State--
3Louisville 1
4Tennessee 1
5California 1
6Texas 2
7Southern Cal 4
8Auburn 1
10West Virginia--
11Notre Dame--
12Arkansas 1
13Boston College 2
15LSU 1
16Georgia Tech 1
17Oklahoma 3
19Boise State--
20Texas A&M 1
21Oregon 1
22Virginia Tech 4
23Wake Forest 1
24Clemson 12
25Missouri 2

Dropped Out: Nebraska (#25).

A ho hum week in college football where most of the teams that should've won games did. Ohio State blows out Minnesota. Michigan pounds Northwestern in the freezing rain. Texas comes back to top Tech in a game they really should've lost but decided not to. And then USC finally lays the egg we all knew they were capable of duecing out.

However, I think this makes them a much more dangerous, focused team. USC now knows it can't simply turn it on when it wants to and win. They now know they have to play a complete game to be sucessful. That will make them a scary, scary team to play. The Trojans will destroy Notre Dame in Los Angeles. If I'm wrong I'll post a leprechan on this page, dispite the fact that it is a gross stereotype of my people. Not all of us wear that much green. So that's why I didn't drop them past seventh. This team is waaaaay too talented on both sides of the ball and too well coached for the Oregon State game to be anything more than a blip on the radar.

The only other noticeable dropper was Clemson. They got e-x-p-o-s-e-d by Virginia Tech. Watching the game my wife and I simply marveled at the ass-whipping that was occurring in front of us. "God, these guys suck!" was the best line from Mrs. Brew that night. Simple. Eloquent. And delivered with just enough disgust, sacrasm, and football knowledge to remind me what a great woman I married. I challenge you, dear reader, that when the time comes for you to chose your soulmate, make sure he or she spouse is a football fan.

Other than that, status quo. Rutgers had a boring, totally unimpressive win over UConn. They will get POUNDED by WVU and Louisville. I don't care that they're in a "BCS" conference. Take out the top two teams from the MAC and the Big East and they're the same damn conference. I am unimpressed. Prove me worng and accolades shall be yours.

Thursday is around the corner, WVU v. Louisville. The pizza will be ordered. The beer will be cold. And football, glorious football, will be watched.


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote Blue.

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You beat Northwestern 17-3 at home, genius. And you have the balls to slam Rutgers for struggling against Connecticut? In case you hadn't noticed, UConn beat Indiana. A team that isn't doing terribly badly in the MIGHTY BIG TEN. And we were a fumble at the goal line and a knee at the two from putting a 50 spot on an Illinois team that is playing some competitive games in your conference as well.

fact is, your conference is the one that is a two team league.

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rutgers fans are talking trash. Apocalypse must be near.

UConn beat Indiana minus James Hardy. Even Southern Illinois (contending for the Gateway Conference title) did that. Great!

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really wasn't the point. The Big Ten is nothing to write home about this year. Your third best team just escaped Illinois for crying out loud. It takes cajones for the fan of a team that just beat Northwestern (who was doubled up by UNH) in a pillow fight to disparage the Big East and a Rutgers team that won by 11 against a better team than NW ... in spite of playing by far their worst game of the year.

And no, I'm not a Rutgers fan talking trash. I'm responding to it.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Telling me you beat Uconn (who is 3-5) on a blocked punt in the endzone is not going to impress me. Fact is UConn ran right at the Rutgers defense and busted out some very impressive runs with an undertouted freshman running back. He gained 199 yards on Rutgers' defense in his first start. Ever. I watched the game all the way through and nothing about Rutgers impresses me.

It's even less impressive when you tell me that the Big Ten is weak then use a victory over its worst team to bolster your position that you're competitive. Further, you played them before their best player/QB even saw the field.

Try to point to the records in your conference for support. Then realize that West Virginia and South Florida's schedules consist of nursing homes. That when Cincinnati plays a team with a pulse its loses by a minimum of two touchdowns. That Rutgers was Pittsburgh's toughest opponent to date, and they lost to Michigan State.

Realize teams like Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, USC, etc. always get their opponents best shot because of who they are. Realize this was the first time all year Northwestern had its starting QB under center. Realize Northwestern scored 3 points. Realize Rutgers won by 5 points over a horrible UNC team and by 2 over South Florida. Realize that what I saw, and what the nation saw during the Rutgers UConn game was nothing that would make me change my position.

I am open to being proven wrong. But that has to take place on the field. I won't be swayed by people questioning my testicles for my stating Rutgers looked like crap beating UConn. If Rutgers beats Louisville or West Virginia I will tip my cap to them and move them up the rankings accordingly. However, based on recent and past performance, I will not give Rutgers the benefit of the doubt. They haven't earned it yet.

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ball State. LOL


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