Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Sick As A Dog Maize n Ballot week 14

Cold and Flu season always seems to mark the end of the football season. Fitting. All the fun of the fall is over, now we settle into the damp miserable part of the autumn/winter months where rain and green snot prepare us for ski season. Joy.

My illness precluded my entering this thing on time, but here are my two cents for what they're worth...

1Ohio State 25
2Southern Cal 24
3Michigan 23
4Florida 22
5Wisconsin 21
6Louisville 20
7LSU 19
8Oklahoma 18
9Rutgers 17
10Arkansas 16
11Auburn 15
12Wake Forest 14
13Boise State 13
14Virginia Tech 12
15Notre Dame 11
16West Virginia 10
17Tennessee 9
18California 8
19Brigham Young 7
20Nebraska 6
21Texas 5
22Texas A&M 4
23Georgia Tech 3
24Penn State 2
25Navy 1

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