Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Battle of the Blogs Continues

My little contribution to the Battle of the Blogs on CSTV is up. The fine fellows over at Men of Scarlet and Grey have the counter argument to my assertion that Michigan's Defense will win the battle with Ohio State's potent offense. I'll post the full article in a little while so it's easier to read.

By the way, when you head over to MoSaG, check out their Carmac the Magnificent rip off. Good stuff.

UM/OSU All Time Teams

Page Two over at ESPN decided to name the all-time UM and OSU teams. An interesting read. Let say that in order to qualify you shouldn't be basing things on Super Bowl rings, like Brady starting, but should instead base it on WINS against the other team. Brian Griese probably gets the nod in my book for the 1997 win, but Benny Friedman should also be in that discussion. Brady's two years as a starter, in my mind, eliminates him from consideration.

Ivan Maisel Likes Our D

Nice article (mostly) on Michigan's Defensive Line. Leon Hall gets a mention, but this one is all about Woodley & Co. up front.

Cookies and Stats Galore

Vijay looks at the Michigan/Ohio State stats in a way that explains why people see visions of the Virgin Mary in a jar of peanut butter. After reading iBlogforCookies, I see those visions everywhere too.

Newspaper Roundup

The Chicago Tribune

A look at how quiet the teams are when refering to one another. They also take a look at Chad Henne.

The Chicago Sun-Times

A pile of stuff on the Change in culture at Michigan, DeBord and English promotions, Ohio State's winning streak, and Troy Smith's high school "break down." Tickets? No so much? Here's why, they're going for $1,500.

They've also got Big Game Jeopardy! Great trivia for all.

Ann Arbor News

Henne doesn't care what you think. It's up to the fans to get Mike Hart the Heisman next year. Jim Carty weighs in on the Tressel owns Carr nonsense and the effects this game will have on the Heisman.

Go to the Diag. There is Ufer! Read and be merry.

Detroit Free Press

Michael Rosenberg has a terrific article on the UM/OSU mixed marriages, sons and daughters who betrayed their parents and went to OSU, and braving the insanity to watch the game in Columbus clad in Michigan gear.

BTW, if you're a Michigan fan in Columbus on Saturday and something bad happens, look for the University of Michigan Police who will be on hand for help.

Hall. Pass. Denied.

Detroit News

An interesting story on being a Wolverine fan trapped in the mouth of Hell.

LaMarr Woodley can speak about himself in the third person singular. LaMarr Woodley can crush a bowling ball with his forefinger and tumb. You do not cross LaMarr Woodley.

LaMarr Woodley will make sandwiches with your cheese.

It may be big in Ohio, but dotting the "i" is stupid. There. I said it.


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