Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Final Maize n' Nominations For the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards

You can find nominations Part 1 meyah, and Part Deux meyah.

The final piece of the nomination puzzle for this year's awards is for every blogger to list their three favorite pieces from the year. That's it. Out of the hundreds of things you've done, pick three, and make sure they don't suck.

Tough task. Tougher to get it out on time. Hence, my belated nominations for my own work.

However, there are a few things I've written this year that have stuck with me, and I'm greatful for the chance to share them with you one more time.

1. When All That's Left... - I wrote this piece in somewhat of a daze. I originally intended it to be a short lead in to my eventual Blogpoll Ballot, but it grew into a lot more than that. There's something about sport, not just football but any sport, that engenders a sense of optimism and hope that cannot be replicated in other facets of life. As it typed away I began to realize that one of college football's greatest gifts is the hope that it gives its followers. It's a sort of hope that makes no sense. Hope that exists against all odds. Hope that prevails over reality. You may know what will happen during the game, before the polls are released, or going into the season, yet you still cling to the Hope that things will be better than logic and your senses tell you they will. Sport gives hope in the darkest of places. Not just to fans in wealthy countries, but to those in places of great strife and famine. Sport gives us many things, but most importantly it gives hope.

2. Those That Vanish Before Our Eyes - Johnny's exquisite piece on Tony Boles sparked more questions than I had answers to. I initially penned a response to his piece, yet more things kept coming to mind. Most importantly, why is it football players like Boles simply disappear? This was my attempt to answer that question.

3. Tie: The Columbus Travel Advisory and Re-Mascoting The Big Ten - Just for fun.


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