Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What The Hell Do You Name Awards For Bloggers?

I'm not really sure. Some thoughts:

1. The Bloggies;
2. The Pwned Awards;
3. The Work Hasn't Found Out About This Awards;

and my favorite:

4. TEH SUXORZ! (Shamelessly stolen from EDSBS)

Mgoblog and Rocky Top Talk got together for one of the final roundtables and posed an interesting proposition: Lets give notice where notice is due. Lets provide some recognition for the best work of the football season and in the Blogosphere. An awards show/string of posts for the best of the 'Sphere. Except without the money, women, drugs, booze, or glamour. Because with those things, well, it wouldn't be the malcontent-bring-down-the-establishment-and-everything-else-along-with-it animal that we all love.

I like it. There are so many excellent sites I check regularly and so many writers I would actually pay to read. This gives all of us the chance not only to recognize many bloggers ongoing excellence, but to say thank you to those who provide it.

Part of the idea behind TEH SUXORZ! is to recognize the guys that aren't the Mgoblog, EDSBS, BON, and SMQ's of the blogosphere, but to recognize the guys and girls that provide their own share of laughs, insights, and information to interested readers on a slightly smaller scale. The problem, as several people have pointed out, is how do you have an awards banquet/show/posting that the big boys of the 'Sphere don't sweep?

To wit, I have a proposal.

Why not simply recognize the best for who they are? The aforementioned sites are the pre-imminent blogs in our little world. Determine an award appropriate for those sites similar to a lifetime achievement award, though "lifetime" may not be the best monkier for such an award.

For example, for EDSBS I propose the "Blog Most Likely To Get You Fired For Reading And Laughing Out Loud" SUXOR! or for Mgoblog, the "Master Control" SUXOR!.

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Brian Accepting His Award

That's about as far as I've gotten with the ideas for the big boys. However, there are plenty of ideas for the rest of the 'sphere. Let's eliminate the big guys from the lesser awards so, as is the stated purpose of the celebration, we can recognize the littler guys.

Mike over at Black Shoe Diaries put together a great list to kick things off. Here are a few extras to add to the debate:

1. Best Blog Name Not Named "We Must Ignite This Couch" SUXOR!
2. Best Banner SUXOR!
3. Best Analysis SUXOR!
4. Best Post of the Season SUXOR!
5. Best Tear Jerker SUXOR! - For those posts that truly come from the soul of the writer.
6. Best Game Recaps SUXOR!
7. Best Command of Pop Culture SUXOR!
8. Most Consistent Blog in the 'Sphere SUXOR! - For the blog that consistently turns out best high quality and quantity posts in the 'Sphere.
9. Most Creative Blog SUXOR!- For the blog that finds the best uses of technology and all the internets have to provide in the vacuum tubes to deliver us something fun.
10. Best Rivalry Coverage SUXOR!

Just some thoughts. If you've got your own ideas or proposals, let me know.


At 12:22 AM, Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

Awards are usually named after the person who originated the idea, or the person or company who sponsors them I suppose.

So who sponsors the blog awards? I dunno..

At 4:30 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Yeah, but the Mgoblogs, the Brians, the Rocky Tops, or the Joels doesn't really have a great ring to it...

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Matt K said...

I was thinking a couple things on this. If you're going to eliminate the big boys of the blogosphere, then maybe they should handle the nominations, or be half the votes, or something. Another idea is to select a handful of readers without their own blogs to handle voting responsibilities and/or nominations. Like you could take a couple of readers selected by blogs where they comment. For example, Michigan blogs would get to designate 7 readers (based on where they comment, ect.), Georgia blogs can select a few readers (because there seems to be a lot of Georiga bloggers), ESBS can select a few, ect. End up with a group of like 50 readers who can vote?

As for the categories, there are a handful of no-brainers as to the list below. Best Tear Jerker? Easy, Brian's post about Bo. Best Command of Pop Culture? EDSBS (and the acceptance post would probably be hysterical). I'd also recommend a "best regular gimmick" which would be a no-brainer for UFR from Brian. So, I dunno. I personally would love to see other bloggers to UFR because it would be great for me to go check it out to see where other teams stand, and to compare performances of teams against common opponents. If that requires designing a category that Brian is sure to win, so be it.

So, I dunno, just a few ideas.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Dave said...

I vote for Florida, because Mgoblog had its shot.

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Gators!!!

-- Allan D.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

How about best photoshop-ed pic, here's one from


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