Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Final Blog Poll Maize n Ballot

Bitternerness still consumes me as I write this...

1Florida 2
2Ohio State 1
3Boise State 11
4Southern Cal 3
5LSU 1
6Louisville 1
7Wisconsin 3
8Michigan 6
10West Virginia 1
11Rutgers 2
12California 6
13Oklahoma 5
14Texas 7
15Brigham Young 4
17Wake Forest 7
18Boston College 8
19Notre Dame 4
20Virginia Tech 8
21Oregon State 5
22Penn State--
23TCU 2
24Georgia 2
25Tennessee 8

Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#20), Navy (#23), UCLA (#24).

1. To answer your first question, yes, Boise belongs there and that is not a mistake. They beat Big XII champ Oklahoma in a legit, big-time BCS bowl, they have NO losses, and watching the game they looked pretty damn good. The way OSU played BSU would've beaten them, so there's a perfectly good argument for placing them second. Hell, Kyle even says you can rank 'em first if you want (he just didn't, he ranked them second.).

2. Wisconsin should be higher, but Louisville played a tougher schedule so they get the nod. USC played like the team that should've played UCLA. LSU looked really, really good dismantling Notre Dame, but then again, who didn't?

3. Michigan at 8? Yup. Best of the twice beatens that lost their bowl game. If they'd only lost once, I'd have them at #1. Their schedule was stronger than people give them credit for, but it's no excuse for their terrible performances the last two games.

4. The rest is a total mess.


At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Trent said...

I just can't agree on Wisconsin being ahead of UM. We beat them (soundly) and you can't convince me that if the schedules were reversed that we wouldn't have gone 13-0 and they would have gone 10-3 or 9-4.


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