Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Final Thumbin' Thru of the Season: The Rose Bowl

Ed. Note: There is a LOT of cursing, swearing, and anger contained within this post. Readers of a gentle constitution should look elsewhere for a review of the Rose Bowl. For those of you with a more iron stomach, please be aware this will dredge up a nasty memory or three from January 1, 2007.

Thumbin' Thru The Rose Bowl 2007

I'm sitting in an empty bar with 5 USC fans 2 um fans and my brother in law at a bar in Cabo San Lucas mexico.

Cabo San Lucas' Best

Lots of tequila. My wife will be angry with me later. Don't care. I will drink no mater what.

George Lucas looks like a gerbil.

Usc wins toss, defers to 2nd half. Now their pain begins. Woodley looks mad.

Breaston back for the kick. He's due for something specacular.

The kick to steve. Almost breaks two tackles, brought down at 15

2 wide left. Hart delay left midl fr 11.
Hrt mid right fr 1.
3 wide. Henne sack stping up on a blitz. Lost 5 on 5 stp drp.
3 wide. Henne too hrd to manham. Behnd manham as he crossed lft to rt.
pnt zltn.
Hood buries the reciever on the punt.

3rd & 8 mich goes soft zn. Complt right for 11 on rt boot leg.
1dn. High to left inc.
T2nd. Scrn blwn up by harris. Harris gets props.
3rd 13. Inc high and rt.
Usc pnts. Brest lts it go for tb
Mich ball at 20

I hpe I'm nt the only 1 driving thr families crzy rt now...

Quesidillas ARE better in mexico in case you were wondering.

Hne pass rt on btlg to manham for 5. Good for his rythm.
Hrt stuffed on zn rt.
3&6. Bltz Manham mugged. No flg.
Mich to pnt.
Zltn pnt. Shitty. Mich looks a little flt.
Mich needs to get away from zn blcks and blow usc off the ball.

Usc midl for 7.
Shrt pass rt for 1dn
barringer almost mks the pick on bt lg. Trnt bt bd.
Brnch stfs rn mid rt.
Pass mdl for 1dn. Trnt bt agn on soft zn
Mich brng prssr bt complt for 1dn on rt psuedo scrn
Inc rt sd.
2dn. will johnsn with 1 hnd stfs rn midl.
3rd dn D needs to b better.
Sprd o. Comp to jarret. Stpd shrt of 1dn. 4th
Fg try. Good.

3-0 USC

Kck off deep. No rtn

UM slgish.

1dn @ 20
Wr scrn manham for 13 left
2wd. Hrt drvs lft fr 7
3wd. Ecker pass mdl. 1dn. hrt kls bltzer!
Hrt lft for 3
Scrn to hrt. Blwn up aftr 3 yrd gn
3&5. Ln stckd. Brstn rcpt on rt sd for 8. 1dn
3wd. Mitchell gts pwnd. Blws bltz pick up hne gets sacked. Hrt midl nowhr. For 3rd dn.

ABC commcrls. John Stamos is back. Does that scare anyone else?

Somehow Not Dead Yet

3rd & 16. Hne stps up. Bullet to manham over midl.
1dn. Minor trps ovr own feet. Nthn
2dn. Inc on blwn blkng
3rd dn. 3&10. Almst fnd arngtn. Under thrn ball. Dmit.

Rivs fg try. Good. 3-3.

Um to kckoff. Rtnd from 2 to 33. Crp

1dn. 3wd. Rn midl stfd for 1.
Jarret catch shrt slnt rt to lft for 7.
3rd dn. Rb squks thru for 1dn.
1dn. Nice ctch ovr midl for 20. Got nailed bt hld on.
1dn. Rn midl fr 3. Pss dfnse lks spotty.
2&8. No scks yt. Inc lft. Um play waaaaaaaaay too far off usc rcvrs.
3&8. 3wd. Soft cvrge gts bt agn. Midl for 1dn

Shrt slnts ovr middl killing us.

Sack & fmbl!!! Crbl on bltz strped butty. Brnch crwls for recovery!!!!
Frst big play UM!

Cty shot. Smog evrywhr. LA sucks

Hrt stffed.
R2nd dn. Hne sacked again. Thats 3 fucking times. Rt side is gting blwn up.
3&15. 4 wd. Comp midl to brtsn. Bullt on awsm stp up agnst prsr.
3wd. 1dn. Sack agn!
2&18. Minor on gv up ply midl rt.
Ln is gting torched.
3&18. This is fucking pathetic. Henne sacked agn.mitchell is useless. Bt agn.
Zltn pnt.
Harris buries rtnman at 35.

O-line lks terrbl. Why minor nt jackson?

1dn usc. Rn rt midl for 3.
2nd dn. Trnt ply mile off gets beat fr 1dn on shrt pass.
1dn. Rn rt midl for 1.
2nd. Mundy up on rn support. Nthn.
3dn. Um to. 10 dfndrs on fld.
Commericials are hrrbl this year.
D on fld a lot. Little wrried.
3dn. Inc. Bd rd booty. Ovr thr.
Usc pnt.

Oobs 27 yrd line.
Lets see some goddamn protection.
2:10 left.
Hrt blwn up on carry to lft.
-8 yrd rushin so far
2dn. Brestn pick up 8. Pass rt. Ply calling needs to adjust.
3&2. Hrt killed in back fld by usc. Usc is killing zn schm. Need to go back to old fashioned bowl them ovr offnse.
Zltn to pnt. 4&3. Booooooms it.
Usc ball @ 13.
3wd. Rush midl to kill clk.

2nd half. Rvs kickoff fr tb.
5 sacks -9 rushing

1dn. Btlg rt for 9 pass.
Rsh midl fr nthn
3rd dn. Mich stfs run.
4th dn.
Pnt to brstn to 41 yrd ln. FC.

2&8. Henne throws int to usc lnman. Horribl. Three dudes in his face on biltz. Who in gods name was he throwning to?

Pass lft for 6 by usc.
Pass to bradfrd fr 4. 1dn.
Trnt burned agn. 1st & gl. Inc aftr looking at it. No way that's a comp. if thats a comp its bullshit.
Absolute bullshit. The ball is loose and they blew it. Shocker, it's a sec ref crew.

Defense shits a brick and screws the coverage. Td usc. Can u tell i'm pissed?

10-3 usc. I'm angry.

Something good bttr happen soon.

Kck off to brstn. No space. Tckled shrt of 20.

1dn. Hrt up middle for 2.
Hrt taken down agn for nthn. Line is stcked and um is doing nthn.
3rd. 3wd. In manham hands and he blows the catch. Gave up on catch on
grt efft by hne

Zltn.good kick. Penalty on usc blck in back.

Mich looks terrible.getting pissed.

1dn. Pass ritght. Holy shit. Good cvrge out of trnt. Inc.
2nd dwn. Taylor looks to jump. Ofsides. 5 yrd pen.
2nd dn. Christ. Another nkd btlg. Te pass left for 6.

Stop with the fucking sft zn!

1dn. Finally. Prsr. Crable. Inc to lft.
2nd. Sht back off cvrge gives usc a free first dn. This is horrible d.
Thank god for hall.
1dn. Td jarret on crap tackle by trent. I can't count the number of times trent has been burned today.
16-3 usc on missed extra point.

Bitterness starting to take over. Anger growing. D getting torched. No pressur

Breston to 20. Hrt to 25.
English yelling at d.
2dn. Manham cross to rt, good pick up. 15 yards.
1dn. Manham wrscn to rt. 2 maybe 3.
2dn. Still too much prssure.
2dn. Henne gets sacked again. Henne finally fumbles aftr getting killed. The o fucking sucks today.

1dn @ 30.
Ovr thrw jarett. Zn d sucks agn.
2dn. 3wd. Scrn pass miss.
3rd. finally. A stop short of the 1st. I'm still pissed. Caroll going fr it.
Line man looks short. We'll see.
Please be short.
1dn. Need pick. Prssr from line. Inc on bootlg.
2dn. Inc high midl.
3rd. Soft zn a-fucking-gain. English has made NO fucking adjustments.
1dn gl. Inc high.
2dn. Jarret pass. Missed. Luckily.
3dn. Usc to. No pressure. No one in dbs can tackle except hall.

Breaston hasn't been utilized at all.
Horrible coaching job so far.

3dn. Pass to jarret. Open. Barringer & harris molest jarret. How in
gods name is this even rwmotely reviewable.

Fg try. Good. 19-3. UM in danger of getting blown out.

Mussberger says the bloggers are on fire for lloyd. What the hell?

Bring us Lloyd's Head! And Chili Cheese Fritos!

TB breaston.

3wd. 3 yrds on te roll out.
2nd. 4 wd. Breaston 1dn. Why havent they used him more?
Henne manham for 9 to rt.
2dn & 1. 4 wd. Henne slide for 1dn. Stps up rns. End 3rd.

Strt 3rd.

Bitterness consuming me.

Pass to ecker for 5-6.
2dn. Hrt bulls for 2 to rt. Pentration.
3rd. Henne to ecker ovr midle for 15. Rough passr on usc sartz.
1dn. 5 wd. Arrington TD!
Arrngtn fought off db for catch Mich to go for two.
Hrt bulls way into ez for 2pnts.

19-11 USC leads.

When henne has time he looks good. If o line can keep him upright mich has chance.

Kick rtn to 26.

1dn. Jarret short od 1dn mrkr.
2dn &1. Inc on roll out rt. Harrisn on prssr.
3&1. Qb snk for 1dn.
1dn. David harris is a bad ass. Wraps up rb on dump off pass to lft. No gain.
2dn. Deflected pass to rt. Crble on rush.
3dn. 3wd. Pass to jarret TD on 3dn. Shit coverage as usual. Hall and barringer get torched. Burnt ovr top lft. Barringer called fr late hit. At least he cares.

25-11. Anger returns.

UM's needs at cb become more & more apparent.

1dn. Tipped ball.
2dn. Ecker for 5 on lft side.
3dn. Exker agn for 36 up middle.
1dn. Hrt for 4 to left side.
2nd comp to manham ovr midl.
1dn. Loss of 5 on scrn.
2dn. Arrington to 20 or so.
3rd & 11. 5 wd. Shit pass bounces in frnt of man ham shrt of 1dn.
4&11. Go for it. 3 wd.breaston slides on turf short of 1dn on pass to rt.
turnovr on downs @ 20.

830 left dn 14. Anger building.

How has hart been held in check like this?

1dn. Again. Smith pulls in another 1dn.
1dn. UM gets burned agn. 1dn on long pass.
TE pass beats crable on lft side
TD middl to smith.

UM completely breaks down. Our dbs are fucking horrible.



Bitterness competely consuming me. Pissed we can't get any pressure. Pissed we can't stop the fucking short slant. Pissed we can't do anything fucking right.

29 points in the second half this fcking pathetic.

Michigan continues to suck in bowl games. Hart out with some kind of shoulder injury. Minor in.
Inc deep ball to manham lefr.
Comp to manham, left.
3rd. Arrington comp ovr middl.
1dn. Arrngtn drops easy 1dn.
2dn. Inc to butler on rt lft cross to cutler.
3dn. Another bad throw out of henne.
4&10. Punt mich.

21 points down. Bitterness has consumed me. Fuck it. I'm done.

Who'd a thunk it. The voters were right. Pisses me off.

If something happens I'll type it. If not, I'm drinking.


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