Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday Happy Hour Has Big Announcements

What's on Tap:

1. Branching Out

Branch is gone. As publicized by MGoBlog, Alan Branch declared he will forego his senior year at Michigan and enter the NFL draft. This isn't really a surprise as Alan hadn't enrolled in school for the winter/spring semester, but it's still tough to lose your best defensive player with a year of eligibility left.

2. Maize n Brew is Moving to SportsBlogs Nation

That's right. New digs for Maize n Brew.

I've accepted SportsBlogs Nation's invitation to join them as their new Michigan blogger starting on Monday, January 15, 2007. The name remains the same and the new site can be linked to at From here on, all the sarcasm, analysis, misspellings, and rants can be found at Maize n Brew's new SportsBlogs Nation home.

As you can probably guess, I'm thrilled to join SBN's already full stable of talented, funny, and relevant writers. Being able to rub elbows with bloggers like Peter, Kyle, Nico, Nestor, Joel, and SMQ has always been fun, but to call them colleagues is an honor in and of itself.

In addition to the support SBN offers its writers, I'm thrilled to have the reader tools the new site permits. There will be a lot more opportunities to the growing contingent of blogging and non-blogging Michigan fans involved in discussing their addiction to the Maize & Blue as well as the assorted minutae of the NCAAs. So come. Join me. Offer you thoughts without fear of reprisal. I did. Look where it got me.

Friday will be my last post here on Blogger and on Monday I'll resume my regular posting schedule on the new home for Maize n Brew.

Thanks to everyone for their support and visits. You're the ones that made this switch possible, and for that I thank you.

3. Blogger Award Nominations Are Out

Three rounds of the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards are up so far with a fourth on the way. The first set is at MGoBlog. The second at Burnt Orange Nation. The 3rd can be found at EDSBS. The Fourth will be up at Dawg Sports soon. More to follow.

So far I've been shut out. Nothing. Not even a head nod in the final ballots. Not that I'm bitter. Bastards.

Congrats to all the nominees. Gotta admit, the nomination process was a lot of fun. Head to Rock Top Talk to see where the nominations came from. Like me you might find a site you never knew about, that now you can't stop checking.

4. Michigan in the Final Polls.

The Wolverines came in 9th in the AP, 8th in the Coaches Poll, and 8th in the Blog Poll. Probably about right. Wisconsin finished ahead of Michigan in all three, but coming through your season with only one loss and whipping Arkansas has its benefits.

ESPN's already got a preseason top ten. Michigan is 3rd.

6. Minor Format Changes

After much no reflection I decided to ditch the old Hearsay and Conjecture label for my usual blog/news/funny stuff roundups because a) they're legal terms which have no use or basis when talking about sports; b) there's really no link between H&C and the site's title of Maize n Brew; and c) I decided it's stupid.

So from here out all of your good times will begin at Happy Hour.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

Welcome to SBN, MnB! Great addition. I'm thrilled to have another Big Ten blog that, you know, actually posts stuff.

Now, the first thing I need you to do is delete the user named Mike. I'm completely serious. I tried to sign up under that name when it was Schembechlar Hall and for some reason it did not take. I tried signing up under a different name and it will not let me b/c now the email address I give it is taken. Also delete PSUMike if you see one.


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