Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Sorry for the lack of content yesterday. I'm in the process of switching jobs and I needed to concentrate on getting some work done prior to my departure later today. I've still got plenty to do, but your insatiable need for information must be fed.

Brian is Moving to AOL

If you read this site, you probably stumbled on it through Mgoblog. The proprietor, Brian Cook, otherwise known as the Blogfather has graciously been providing his Michigan football and athletics insight for free, for quite some time. Now, finally, someone has taken a paying interest in his talents and he is moving up to help direct/post/whatever America On Line's new College Football page in the AOL Fanhouse.

Much like in Old School, the Blogfather moves on. However, he doesn't leave us for good. His picture will hang over the Michigan Blogosphere's communal fireplace. Making things easier on all of us, he has promised to continue updating Mgoblog. The Fanhouse is a free service which will launch September 5th. Make sure you drop by and add it to your daily reads.

Michigan Season Previews

1. Mgoblog - Dear god that's a lot of info. I disagree with his assessment of Henne. I'll tell you why tomorrow when my Michigan preview is up.

2. Fox Sports - They nailed it:
The season will be a success if ... Michigan wins 11 games and beats Ohio State. The schedule has too many problems to go unbeaten but this team is good enough to be in the hunt for the Big Ten title, beat Ohio State, and win a bowl game. Anything less will be seen as a major disappointment for a program with some of the highest expectations of anyone.

Also, no OMG-Carr's-on-the-hot-seat in the preview.

3. The Chicago Tribune - Hops on the Hot Seat band wagon for no reason:
This season will be a success if … Michigan saves Carr's job. To do that the Wolverines might have to beat Ohio State and win nine games. Carr is 1-4 against Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel and winless in his last three bowl trips. Though Carr has won or shared five Big Ten titles in 11 years, the natives are beyond restless.


4. Sports Illustrated - Henne will be fine and Michigan will improve. They don't make predictions, but its a read. Stewart Mandel has Michigan at #10 in his power rankings. They've also picked the Michigan v. Ohio State game as the fourth biggest game of the year and the Michigan v. Notre Dame game as ninth biggest game.

5. Detroit Free Press - Consensus second place in the Big Ten. Drew Sharp is still an asshole. Michael Rosenberg, however, is dead on the money.
If Lloyd Carr is an idiot, what makes Charlie Weis a genius? Last year Weis guided Notre Dame to a 9-3 record, with a Bowl Championship Series loss to a top-five team. In 2004, Michigan finished 9-3 with a Bowl Championship Series loss to a top-five team.

They did that in 2003, too. Rosenberg properly points out the following:
a. Lloyd is not on the hot-seat, you knobs.
b. The personnel changes that needed to be made were
c. The emphasis on quickness and stamina, long shunned by the football program, have been adopted whole heartedly by the program.
d. This is a team fully capable of running the table, despite their brutal schedule.

Rosenberg's analysis is probably the best overall look I've seen this preseason.

6. ABC's Ed Cunningham - Michigan is the team to beat in the Big Ten.

New Recruits

Commitments #13 and #14 are SC WR Junior Hemmingway and CA RB Avery Horn. I know little about Horn, however others know more. Hemmingway is known by all.

You're Kidding Right?

OSU now has its own cereal. Seriously. If you go to Kroger in Ohio you can now purchase Buckeye "O"s. The name of the cereal I'm assuming is something related to OSU, but its not listed. I have a few suggestions.

1. Crimin-O's
2. Change the O's to Vest shaped cereal. Call it BestVests Cereal with marshmellow assault weapons and machettes inside.
3. Change the cereal from O's to cereal hands giving eaters the middle finger, how better to capture the state motto of "F*ck Michigan"
4. Make it a number cereal, but include more 8's and 4's to properly respresent the Buckeye's record at the end of this year.

Just some thoughts.

General Fun Football Nonsense
  • Some of Brian's new peers over at the Fanhouse don't like Charles Woodson as a new Green Bay Packer. Probably OSU or MSU grads. They probably saw him do this to their college team.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Y'know, I've seen that clip a whole lotta times, but I never realized that he bitch-slaps one of the OSU players at about 59 seconds. Glorious.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger JB said...

Suggestion on the cereal nickname: the TOSU O-Holes!

At 1:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The difference between Carr and Weis, which Rosenberg doesn't point out, is that Weis took over a terrible team that was going backwards and horribly coached by Willingham and turned it into a BCS team.

That being said, Carr isn't on the hot seat. Yes, they need to do better in the big games, but it's not like 2005 was another year of decline for Michigan. People somehow have forgotten that they won back-to-back Big 10 titles before last year.



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